A little break after a tired day at work!

Team building through a bowling game helps to lift up the motivation of the employees and keeps them away from daily stress of their job. Bowling games provide an environment to benefit your company through increased cooperation among your employees and a feeling of accomplishment for everyone. This benefits returns to your company as joy and happy times.

Atlantis Funny City can also be chosen for your company’s Employee Appreciation Events, Meetings, Team Building, Offsite Training, Group Celebrations, Product Launches and Corporate Outings.

The tournaments increased motivation as well as:

  • It is organized according to the players demands and needs.
  • Different role playings raise the awareness of empathy between people.
  • It allows employed to show their abilities outside the work environment.
  • It strengthen the feeling of being a member of a team and the company at the same time.
  • It shows how to accomplish it in a team-building session.
  • It underlines the commitment to the company.

We are hosting companies both for individual or corporate tournament. We has experienced a lot of tournament events from governed to the private sector companies. We invite you to help you plan, coordinate and customize a party to fit your needs and make your birthday child’s dreams come true.



In Atlantis Funny City, you are going to make your dreams come true.

You wish and we make it real. We are organising special birthday parties for children and arranging them with special events to make the birthdays unforgettable. What you can only do is to come and attend your own party. We are glad to make you happy with our Special little menus for kids, eating halls, game park and an with alot of other entertainment options that we provide.

You wish and we make your special days unforgettable.

Atlantis Funny City’s full-scale entertainment experience is an exclusive choice for Birthday Parties, Company Employee Appreciation Events, Company Meetings, Team Building, Group Celebrations and Corporate Outings of all kinds.


You are the only winner on this game.

You can either spend time with your friends or family in Atlantis Funny City or while you are playing bowling you can enjoy your drinks. You are going to feel the difference to play bowling at Atlantis.

  • The lanes at this bowling facility are equipped with gutter bumpers for kids’ security.
  • Beside spending good time with Bowling, it has advantages mentally and sport skills.
  • Among the daily sports such as jogging and swimming, bowling is at the third place. And at the first place in the category of indoor sports.
  • DAccording to the research of World Bowling Federation, playing bowling needs coordination and stringents your muscles, this improves the overall flexibility of the 123 muscles as the same time./div>
  • Bowling is one of the few sports that allows you to compete at any age.

Atlantis Funny City Bowling Oynamanın Farkını Hissedeceksiniz.


There are separate parts in Atlantis Funny City that are reserved for Billiard and Table Tennis lovers.

You can challenge with your friends by organizing a tournaments at one of these parts. During or at the end of the day you can come and leave your stress out by playing.

Atlantis Funny City is going to be the first place that comes to your mind.


Take Out The ‘Popstar’ Inside You!!!

What about performing a concert to your friends in private Karaoke rooms?

You are going to feel like a popstar with our Karaoke song tracks which are also supported with a high quality sound system and karaoke equipments that we have.

There is a list of around 30.000 songs which includes Turkish-Foreign options of alterative, pop, rock genres at the same time. You can also find old and vintage songs too. We’re always updating our song list with new and classic songs for your taste of music. You can enjoy singing in our private Karaoke rooms. You are welcome to our atmosphere with at any time during the week.


Are you ready to meet with the magical world of fun and plenty fairground games in Atlantis Funny City ?

We have a variety of indoor fairground activity options such as mini basketball games, mini carousel etc. All fairground games’ quality are subjected to international fairground and amusement park machinery security standards, which are accepted everywhere around the world.

As Atlantis Funny City team we are following the newest technology of the sector and updating our intelligence to maximize your customer satisfaction within our games and to serve you best quality, we are importing the most qualified machines. Do not hesitate because there’s always something fun for every age.